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Introduction to the Tequila Negroni

Discover the Tequila Negroni, a modern twist on a classic cocktail. This drink swaps traditional gin for the rich, earthy flavors of tequila, creating a unique and sophisticated blend. It’s perfect for those who appreciate a bitter-sweet profile with a touch of agave warmth.

The Tequila Negroni is not just a cocktail; it’s an experience. Its roots lie in the classic Negroni, but with a bold, contemporary edge. Whether you’re a tequila enthusiast or a cocktail aficionado, this drink is sure to intrigue and delight your palate.

Join us as we explore the vibrant flavors and rich history of this stirred cocktail. From its bitter Campari notes to the sweet vermouth finish, the Tequila Negroni is a testament to the art of mixology.

Key Facts About the Tequila Negroni

  • Alcohol Volume: Approximately 24% ABV (48 proof)
  • Calories: Around 200 kcal per serving
  • Glass Type: Rocks glass, to enhance the aroma and taste
  • Typical Garnish: Orange peel, for a citrusy zest

Interesting Facts about the Tequila Negroni

  • The Tequila Negroni is a perfect aperitif, stimulating the appetite before a meal.
  • Choosing a reposado tequila adds a mellow smoothness that complements the cocktail’s profile.
  • Its vibrant red hue is as visually appealing as it is flavorful, making it a standout choice for social gatherings.

Tequila Negroni Cocktail

Tasting Notes on the Tequila Negroni

The Tequila Negroni is a symphony of flavors, with each sip revealing layers of complexity. The initial bitterness from the Campari is perfectly balanced by the sweet, herbal notes of the vermouth. The tequila’s agave essence provides a smooth, lingering finish.

This cocktail is ideal for those who enjoy a drink with depth and character. It’s suited for a quiet evening at home, a celebratory toast, or as a sophisticated choice at any cocktail party.

Its versatility also makes it a year-round favorite, perfect for sipping on a warm summer night or as a cozy winter warmer.

History of the Tequila Negroni

The Negroni’s origins date back to early 20th-century Italy, where Count Camillo Negroni asked for a stronger version of the Americano cocktail. The bartender swapped gin for soda water, and the Negroni was born.

As the cocktail culture evolved, so did the Negroni. Bartenders around the world began experimenting with different spirits, leading to the creation of the Tequila Negroni.

The Tequila Negroni maintains the integrity of the original while introducing a Mexican twist. It’s a testament to the timeless appeal of the Negroni and the innovative spirit of modern mixology.

Tequila Negroni Ingredients

  • Tequila (1 oz or 30 ml): Preferably reposado for its aged, smooth flavor.
  • Campari (1 oz or 30 ml): Adds the signature bitter component.
  • Sweet Vermouth (1 oz or 30 ml): Balances the bitterness with sweetness and herbal notes.
  • Ice Cubes: Essential for chilling and diluting the cocktail to perfection.
  • Orange Peel: A garnish that adds a fresh, citrus aroma.

Did you know? The Negroni is said to have been named after Count Camillo Negroni, who concocted the drink by fortifying his favorite cocktail, the Americano, with gin.

Ingredients for Tequila Negroni

Tequila Negroni Method

Chilling the Cocktail

Begin by filling a mixing glass with ice cubes to the brim. This ensures the cocktail will be well-chilled and properly diluted.

Combining the Ingredients

Pour the tequila, Campari, and sweet vermouth over the ice. The equal parts create a harmonious blend of flavors.

Stirring to Perfection

Stir the mixture for about 30 seconds. This integrates the ingredients without over-diluting the drink.


Strain the cocktail into a rocks glass filled with large ice cubes. The larger cubes melt slower, preventing over-dilution.


Express the orange peel over the drink to release its oils, then drop it into the glass. This final touch adds a zesty aroma and flavor.

Serving Suggestion for the Tequila Negroni

The Tequila Negroni is best served in a rocks glass. The wide opening allows the aromas to emerge, enhancing the drinking experience.

For garnish, a twist of orange peel is not just decorative but functional. The oils from the peel add a subtle citrus note that complements the cocktail’s flavors.

Elevating the Tequila Negroni

  • Ice Quality: Use clear, high-quality ice to prevent unwanted flavors and ensure slow melting.
  • Stirring Technique: Stir with a bar spoon between your fingers, not the palm, for precise temperature control.
  • Orange Peel: Use a sharp peeler for a clean cut and to avoid excess pith, which can add bitterness.

Elevated Tequila Negroni

Substitutions and Alternatives for the Tequila Negroni

If you’re out of Campari, consider using another bitter aperitif like Aperol for a slightly sweeter, less bitter profile.

For a non-alcoholic version, explore the growing range of non-alcoholic spirits that mimic the flavors of tequila and vermouth.

Similar cocktails include the classic Negroni, the Boulevardier, which uses bourbon, and the Mezcal Negroni for a smokier take.

Add a Twist to the Tequila Negroni

Infuse the tequila with spices like cinnamon or chili for an extra kick. Or, add a splash of soda water for a lighter, more refreshing version.

Experiment with different garnishes, such as a sprig of rosemary or a slice of grapefruit, to add a unique twist to the classic presentation.

Preferred Liquors for the Tequila Negroni

Select a high-quality reposado tequila, such as Patrón or Herradura, for their smooth, oak-aged flavors that blend well with the bitter and sweet elements.

For the vermouth, Carpano Antica Formula adds a luxurious, vanilla-scented richness that elevates the cocktail.

Similar Cocktails to the Tequila Negroni

The Americano, the Negroni’s predecessor, is lighter and perfect for those who prefer a less potent drink. The Aperol Spritz shares the bitter-sweet profile but is more effervescent and refreshing.

The Manhattan, while whiskey-based, offers a similar complexity and depth with its combination of sweet vermouth and bitters.

Food Pairings to go with the Tequila Negroni

Pair the Tequila Negroni with savory appetizers like prosciutto-wrapped melon or a charcuterie board. The cocktail’s bold flavors stand up well to rich, salty foods.

For a unique pairing, try it with dark chocolate or a citrus-based dessert to complement the bitter-sweet profile.

Tequila Negroni FAQs

Can I make a Tequila Negroni in advance? Yes, you can batch the ingredients without ice and store them in the refrigerator. Stir with ice just before serving.

What’s the best way to get a perfect orange twist? Use a channel knife or vegetable peeler to create a long, thin strip, avoiding the white pith for the best flavor.

Is it necessary to use reposado tequila? While reposado is recommended for its smoothness, you can use blanco tequila for a sharper, more pronounced agave flavor.

Tequila Negroni_001

Tequila Negroni

A bold twist on the classic Negroni, the Tequila Negroni substitutes gin with tequila, offering a smooth, agave-infused take on the timeless bitter-sweet cocktail.
Prep Time 5 minutes
Cook Time 0 minutes
0 minutes
Course Cocktail
Cuisine International
Calories 200 kcal


  • Mixing glass
  • Bar spoon
  • Jigger
  • Strainer
  • Rocks glass


  • 1 oz Tequila (preferably reposado)
  • 1 oz Campari
  • 1 oz Sweet Vermouth
  • Ice cubes
  • Orange peel for garnish


  • Fill a mixing glass with ice cubes.
  • Pour the tequila, Campari, and sweet vermouth over the ice.
  • Stir the mixture for about 30 seconds until well-chilled.
  • Strain the cocktail into a rocks glass filled with large ice cubes.
  • Express the orange peel over the drink by twisting it to release its oils, then drop it into the glass as a garnish.


For a smoother tequila flavor, opt for a reposado tequila aged between 2 months and 1 year. The aging process provides a mellow character that complements the bitter and sweet vermouth beautifully.
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